Building your project, be it your home or your business, can be an incredible experience. Employing a professional can ensure that your project is not only a success, but is also a positive, rewarding experience. With Barbara Baker Architect Ltd, you can take the prime seat & enjoy the ride, letting the professionals do what they do best.

View the project images on this page for examples of my work, photos of completed work, and 3D images of completed and proposed or unbuilt works. The 3D images illustrate static 3D modeling available to you.

Baker House Hill Renovation Omaha Beach Pukerangi Observatory The White House


Play the movies below as examples of 3D video modeling

The combination of static and video imaging allows you to experience what you get before you get it. You can go into the final build phase with confidence.

  1. 3D walkthrough/flyovers, and
  2. Sun study. A sun study will model how your project responds to the sun at any time of the day, any day of the year, so that you can ensure that you get the sun into your house when & where you want it

3D Walkthrough and Flyovers

Click to download in MP4 format (1.12MB)

3D Video Modeling Sun Study

Click to download in MP4 format (256.91kB)